Superman gets his powers by absorbing light from the sun. His body takes all that visible light, those gamma rays, that ultraviolet light, even the infrared light I can’t see, and sucks it all in. His cells absorb all that and turn it into heat vision, super strength, flight ability, etcetera. Superman has saved the world a million times – in the comics.



I’m a sun worshiper – in a way. I don’t strive for the perfect tan, but I hold a secular reverence for the sun and the symbolic meaning we’ve given it. It represents everything good and nurturing in life, and this is my short ode to it: a piece of prose poetry that took me too long to finish. If you like this short read please use the social media tools below. Thanks.


You wake up, but you’re still asleep.

Your dreams remain with you. Winning lottery tickets fly around in your head, alongside fantasies of childhood parental approval. Instead of saying “no” that time, you see the possibilities of a “yes.” You think of your ex-whoever and relive the moment when you realized it wouldn’t last. You feel the tear on your left check that you didn’t wipe away.