I’m a sun worshiper – in a way. I don’t strive for the perfect tan, but I hold a secular reverence for the sun and the symbolic meaning we’ve given it. It represents everything good and nurturing in life, and this is my short ode to it: a piece of prose poetry that took me too long to finish. If you like this short read please use the social media tools below. Thanks.


You wake up, but you’re still asleep.

Your dreams remain with you. Winning lottery tickets fly around in your head, alongside fantasies of childhood parental approval. Instead of saying “no” that time, you see the possibilities of a “yes.” You think of your ex-whoever and relive the moment when you realized it wouldn’t last. You feel the tear on your left cheek that you didn’t wipe away.

You teach yourself how to fly (the secret is to know that you can).

Your eyelids raise halfway as you walk and sleep, brush and sleep, piss and sleep. Everything is a mile away and covered with a dark coating that you never attempt to remove since you don’t really care about what’s under it. Eventually, though, the sunlight hits your eyes and you’re forced to realize that there is more to existence than just yourself and your thoughts.


*Image Courtesy Rein

4 Responses to “Sunshine”
  1. Mockingbird says:

    A moon worshiper myself, I’ve never really embraced the sun. I find that it is a bit overwhelming and confrontational(if that makes any sense to you).

  2. Lucie says:

    What can I say? This filled me with the inner calm of an early morning wake up. What you described is the realisation I have in times when I blow trivial grievances out of proportion to. Another great read.

    • Lucie, you are too kind. 🙂 Thanks for continuing to visit!

      In the end all problems are solved (for better or for worse). Looking at the sun in the morning can remind you just how small things are, but also how big things can be. This post was really just me playing with that idea.

      I used to have a bunch of stories with the sun at the center. They all suck though so no one will ever see them. lol

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