About This Blog

In May 2009 I moved to South Korea to become an English teacher. This blog was an attempt on my part to connect with the world through creative writing pieces about my experience here in Korea, and other, more general, fiction. Having been writing since childhood (like many writers) I saw it as a way to express myself and practice my hobby/craft.

Alex ClermontMy goal for this site is to: 1) express myself through my creative writing. 2) To entertain others through that writing and 3) gain a bit of exposure for my writing in the world outside my six inches of personal space. And by doing so create as much of a brand as is possible for what I write.

The fiction on this blog is what I’ve put out with the knowledge that publication on the web might make them worthless in print, so it’s not a totally accurate representation of my skills, or of what I write and want to have published. This blog has, what I think, is great stuff, but it is meant to attract interest to little ole’ me.

The categories for this site are:


RANDOM FICTION: Short stories, prose poetry, and creative writings about anything and everything (though mostly love, sex, and politics which, besides music and food, are the only things I care anything about).

KOREAN QUICKIES: Short snippets of my life in Korea. As a teacher and a human being in general.

IN GENERAL: Good stuff that just doesn’t fit…


Thanks for visiting!


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