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2 Responses to “About You :)”
  1. Dakota Flores says:

    I love your writing and am a huge fan of yours, though I must say your writing leaves me wanting to more- perhaps it’s bad navigting skills on my part but it seems I read the stories volumes 1-3 of Korean Quickies and I feel something is missing…I want more, the answers the finale!! Let me know if this was done purposely or if I truly am the worst navigator ever. Thanks Dakota

    • Thanks for being a fan Dakota! I certainly need more of those. 🙂

      “Korean Quickies” is a general category with a couple of disconnected stories about my life in South Korean. Sex, Smiles and Dating in South Korea are three pieces in that category that have the same theme. They don’t really have a finale. Sorry!

      Each is its own story with it’s own point. I did however publish them in their current order cause I felt that they come to a climax with the third. So I guess the finale is that I get my heart broken and learn that romantic love sucks. 🙂

      I’m glad you plan of visiting my site often. Though I don’t know you, I love you.

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