My Brother’s Eulogy

A few weeks ago my older brother, Josely Elie, died. He was in a hospital where members of my family visited him as he faded away. I was told that doctors gave him three months, which would’ve given me time to visit as well. That didn’t happen and I was in Korea while he passed away with my parents watching over him. I wasn’t able to go to the wake. I wasn’t able to go to the cremation ceremony. I was, however, able to write a eulogy that would be read in my place. This is a modified version of that eulogy. It’s written here to be more diary-like with, selfishly, more Alex-centered details then the one I wanted read.


A few years ago, about ten, Josely and I were wasting an hour playing video games. This happened more often then I liked, but I had a lot of free time. At twenty one I had quit college and I quit my job. While pursuing a doomed dream I decided to read some books, write a little, and think a lot about the world I lived in. In those months me and my brother had been spending a lot of time together and I was constantly asking him questions about his life.