Twitter philosophy

This is a collection of some of my twits (yeah, that’s what I call them) and Facebook statuses over the last few I-don’t-know-how-long. They’re short little bits of what I thought were insightful, and pretty sounding phrases placed in a non-chronological order. Follow me at @alexclermont because I’m cool, just like you.


I am a writer… It’s time to get to it. #batteryinmyback #grownup #dodadamnthang and of course #life.


If it wasn’t for your delicious Kimchi and easily accessible 노래방s, I’d hate you Korea.


Mr. Kim told me that when he first met his wife it was like he found his missing rib; she was his Eve. I smiled and continued drinking soju.


Told a friend yesterday I was in beast mode in terms of any potential future relationships… Maybe human mode would work better. Maybe.


Sometimes I wish I were #gay or at least #Bisexual. Sex would be far less complicated. DAMN you Vagina and the hold you have on me!! grrr…


Sometimes you have to give up looking and let the things you want find you… At least that’s what’s worked for me. #Karma (?)


The world is a cold place. The best way to stay warm is by holding on to others.


Whether I talk to them often enough or not, and contrary to what I sometimes feel, family is important. #family… and oh yeah #priorities.


Apparently everyone on twitter is LIKE A BOSS… did a socialist revolution happen while I was sleeping? No one told the Politicians or CEOs.



READ “Hegemony or Survival” by Noam Chomsky, – READ “The Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx, – READ “The Case For Withdrawal” by Anthony Arnove, – WATCH “South of the Border,” – WATCH “The End of Poverty?” – WATCH “The Corporation”….

They all say just about all the basics about what the US does internationally.


You know what you should do? What we should all do? Really? We should all just grow more pot. #legalization


Drink and smoke and love and fuck and laugh and cry, and thank whatever or whoever you feel you should thank for the gift of life and the next day you’ll receive.


There is no lucky rabbit’s foot. No message in the stars. There is you, there is the world. That is all you get and all you need #liveurlife


When the myriad of things that make up your life dwindle down to sex and money things are going horribly wrong.


Happy any and everything to every and anyone whom I know, have known, and will ever know. Love all days, always, and in all ways.


Alex Clermont is crazy like a fox, cool as a cucumber, sharp as a tack, sweet as candy, strong like bull, right as rain… Alex is like you…


Attempting to make a job out of writing even though I’m not getting paid and no one is reading… yet.

2 Responses to “Twitter philosophy”
  1. Deborah says:

    I did notice the “crazy like a fox” one when you tweeted it. I liked it then too.

    Before reading, I wondered why “fuck” was in your keywords. Now I know.

    We should go to Noraebang!!!

    • “Fuck” is the keyword for most of my posts. I curse a lot and that’s my favorite one. lol. I like that “crazy like a fox” one too. I was wondering if anybody had read it. Now I know 🙂

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